Research Line 1 – Social Memory, Heritage and Production of Knowledge

Distinguishes itself by giving emphasis to aspects that are collectively constructed, in the sedimentation promoted by social memory, in what is considered the inheritance (heritage) of a given collectivity, in a field of unequal access and production relationships, taking into consideration dimensions of informational culture, social impacts and technological viability of information products and services.

Research Line 2 – Public Policy and Information Organization

Defines itself by its emphasis on institutional aspects related to public archival and information policy cycles, in addition to technical intervention aspects related to documents and information (management, processing, indexing, cataloging, inventorying) understood as a product of human culture.

Research Line 3 – Users, Management of Knowledge and Information Practices

Highlighting the importance of knowing the active character of the users of information resources, their appropriations, interpretations, different uses, sharing, resistance, in distinct aspects and environments such as the managerial effectiveness and efficiency contexts related to these information resources and their uses, with the challenge of promotion their management (in order to provide support for organizational decisions) or in educational and research contexts.